01 September 2015
Bridge Design Group
Network Group for Composites in Construction

The Network Group for Composites in Construction (NGCC) represents the composites in construction industry globally and unites its members in one body.  Its membership covers all sectors of the industry. Activities of NGCC include dissemination of information and news, forums for collaboration and networking, and providing a central focus for those needing support within the industry. The group has been operational since its launch in November 2000.

NGCC develops and promotes best practice in the application of fibre reinforced polymer composites in construction.

What Our Members Say...

"As a founder member of the NGCC and as a consulting firm engaged internationally on civil and structural engineering projects, Tony Gee and Partners welcomes the move towards global expansion of the body’s membership.

As a forum for technical and commercial collaboration across the construction industry composites sector, NGCC is unique in its broad composition and events it organises. For those firms such as ourselves, who are focused on developing the market by promoting best practice and innovation in the design and use of FRP composite materials, membership has brought long-term benefits."

Neil Farmer
Executive Director, Tony Gee and Partners